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The pictures on this website are intended for your personal use. 
Feel free to download any of them.  If you have questions regarding the use of these photos for other than personal use, please contact me by email.

The location and date taken is  provided for each photo.  Pictures taken prior to July 2002 were photographed  with a Konica FT-1 35mm film camera.  Pictures since then have been taken with either a Nikon D100 or D300 digital camera.  All photos have been edited and sized using Adobe Photoshop.

Most of these photos can also be found on Flickr at:  The

The photos at this site are all signed and dated.  Those at my Flickr account are unsigned. Several of the Flickr versions have been used, with my permission, for corporate Christmas cards, text books, scholarly articles published in journals, blogs and recently by the U. S. Forest Service/BLM in a visitor center located near Las Vegas, NV.

Thanks for visiting this site.

  1. C.Devon Sanderson


Welcome to the Sanderson Photos Online Website

The pictures included in this website are designed to be used as computer desktop images - either as  wallpaper or in a screen saver program.  The resolution of most photos is 1920 X 1200 pixels.  Starting in 2013 the resolution was changed to 2880  X  1920 pixels.